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About Us

When I first started preserving, people thought I was old-fashioned. Maybe it was because they tasted all my delicious home-canned goods at parties, but now almost everyone I know is doing it. Now I want to spread that love far and wide. By supplying Canadians with the best products, books, recipes and tips in a fresh, modern way, I hope I can pass on a tradition my great-grandmothers started. But with more booze and curse words.

I grew up eating my grandma’s homemade jams and jellies and my dad’s pickles, so it was only natural that eight years ago I gave canning a try for myself. I can because I want to know where my food is coming from and to preserve produce at the peak of the growing season, when it tastes best. My favourite thing to can is tomato pasta sauce, which my family eats at least once a week. I also collect antique jars. I am forever bringing home boxes of them from small-town secondhand stores and church basements.

I also believe in sustainability, making things last and being thrifty. Thanks to some amazing products that have been created, a mason jar is one of the most versatile things you can own. It's a water bottle. It's a French press. It's a lunchbox. It's a tea pot. It's a fermentation crock. It's a dry storage container. I can hardly remember back when mason jars were only for preserving food in. 

Besides canning, I enjoy travelling, gardening, buying and restoring manual typewriters and writing novels.

If you've canned before you know it’s both delicious and personally fulfilling. If you’re new, welcome to the club. You’re about to discover the joys, satisfaction - and yes, sometimes heartache - of preserving your own food. I'm thrilled you’re letting the Cannery be a part of that!